Art Contest – Liberators Tattoo

Posted on 06/09/18

I’m excited to announce an art contest tied to The Immundus. In my book, the liberators wear a special tattoo to signify who they are, and they wear these during…

Books Plans

Posted on 03/01/18

Now that The Immundus is officially launched and events are scheduled it’s time for me to set my plans for my next books for this year. My middle grade novel…

Thank You!

Posted on 02/05/18

I am happy to report that my Book Launch Party was well attended by family, friends, and people I didn’t know (which was great). I want to thank everyone who…

Goodreads Winners

Posted on 01/21/18

I am so excited for the winners of the last two Goodreads Giveaways. Ten people across America and in Canada have won copies of The Immundus. Congratulations to: Rebecca Cook,…

Game Time

Posted on 01/16/18

There are so many variations of games. From quidditch to hunger games, there really is no boundary for fun and competition, albeit sometimes ruthless. I knew I wanted the game…

From Early Reads to Reviews

Posted on 01/14/18

I am so thankful to all the individuals that read my book while it was in the drafting stages and am thankful still for those individuals currently reading or scheduled…

Goals for 2018

Posted on 01/06/18

I set goals for myself each year. Some might say I am a goal driven individual, because once a goal is met I move on to another goal. It’s hard…

Envisioning the Future

Posted on 12/23/17

What will the world be like in 2828? I didn’t think about this in my first draft in 2013, I just wrote what came to mind, which were several things….

Developing My Characters

Posted on 12/12/17

When I had people read the first few drafts of my book, the feedback I received was that I was really good at world building but needed to work on…

The 12 Books of Christmas

Posted on 12/07/17

Every year I set a goal for the number of books I’m going to read and I record my goal in Goodreads. This year I hope to meet my goal…

Where to Find Beta Readers and Editors

Posted on 12/02/17

In a previous post I mentioned how I had an alpha reader, beta readers, and editors, so you might be wondering how in the heck I found those people. Well,…

NaNoWriMo or Bust

Posted on 11/25/17

I absolutely love NaNoWriMo. I heard about it years ago from a friend, but I participated for the first time last year and was unsuccessful in completing a book in…