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Posted on 06/09/18 in Book News

I’m excited to announce an art contest tied to The Immundus. In my book, the liberators wear a special tattoo to signify who they are, and they wear these during a time when tattoos are illegal. I would love for my readers to share their vision for what this tattoo looks like. When I write, I purposely describe certain things and other things I leave to the imagination of the reader. This is one of those things that I left up to you, the reader.

What do I do?

Create an image of what you feel the liberators tattoo should look like based on the characters who wear the tattoos. Consider the year, and their values, strengths, and beliefs when designing the tattoo. The acceptable media are digital, acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pen, pencil, colored pencil, crayon, ink, chalk, marker, washes, collage, textured surface, decoupage, and photos within a collage.

Where do I send it?

Submission is easy. All you have to do is post the image (preferably a JPEG or PNG) to Twitter with the hashtag #ImmundusLiberators.

When do I send it?

The contest is open June 18, through September 30, 2018. I will only consider images posted within this timeframe, so please don’t post before or after this timeframe.

What does the winner receive?

The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Amazon.

How will I know if I won?

The winner will be sent a message via Twitter to obtain name, age, and the shipping address for the gift card. The winner will be announced by October 7, via my eNewsletter, social media, and on my website.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

  1. The contest is open to ages 11 and up.
  2. By submitting an entry you agree that the author and her publisher can share your work with the general public, such as social media, the author’s website and eNewsletter.
  3. Entries must be posted to Twitter with the hashtag #ImmundusLiberators. If you are selected as the winner you will be sent a message via Twitter to obtain your name, age, and the shipping address for the gift card.
  4. Please keep the images family friendly (PG13).
  5. Submit only your work. This means no tracing or redrawing of someone else’s work. We want to see your creativity.
  6. Don’t use copyrighted characters from other intellectual properties. Stay away from using direct representations of characters from other worlds or franchises in your work. Remember that community mascots are also someone else’s creation.
  7. All entries will be posted on the author’s website at
  8. Participants may submit more than one entry.
  9. By entering the contest, all participants agree that if chosen as the winner you will sign a release of the image to Odolf Mingan Publishing and Christina Enquist for use in marketing, publicity, and any other materials or products related to The Immundus trilogy.

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