The Immundus

Beware the cure. Betray the cause.

The Immundus
The Immundus

Publisher: Odolf Mingan Publishing

Publication Date: 02/06/2018

Formats available: Hardback, Paperback, eBook

ISBN: 9780999414002 (hardcover), 9780999414019 (paperback), 9780999414026 (eBook)


The Immundus

Beware the cure. Betray the cause.

Would you sacrifice your humanity to save mankind?

IT’S THE YEAR 2828, and Domus is the last remaining country. Divided into twelve walled cities known as genuses, Domus spans what’s known as the purist lands—lands unaffected by the genetic modifications that killed all other species of mammals. But outside the walls of each genus the Immundus threaten the welfare of those within. From a young age, all citizens of Domus are trained for combat against these intruders.

At sixteen, Nia Luna knows little of the Immundus, except for the citywide alarms that ring any time an Immundus nears the genus walls. What she does know is that her own species is dying—their numbers dwindling as a mysterious disease called allagine kills many before their eleventh birthday. The same disease that ravaged her family when it took her sister.

When Nia is recruited into Genesis, a research company pioneering the path to a cure, she knows that her dream to find a cure for allagine is finally within her grasp. But within weeks of starting at Genesis, Nia witnesses something she shouldn’t have—something that changes everything. As she sets down a dangerous path that uncovers national secrets, Nia will have to decide not only what kind of person she wants to be but also how far she’s willing to go to save humanity.

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Reviews of The Immundus

“In her book, Enquist . . . provides some intriguing reflections on evolution and genetic science . . . a well-paced sci-fi story with excitement, emotion, and character testing.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The Immundus is so well-written, you practically soar along as you read, it’s very easy on the eyes, yet the prose is deft enough to inspire . . . I found myself flipping pages, wanting to read more. Really, the author can spun any yarn, and I’ll read it because I know I’ll be rewarded by her story-telling style.”

Future Boy (Amazon)

“The Immundus, by Christina Enquist, is an intriguing new take on the post-apocalyptic teen genre . . . I thoroughly enjoyed The Immundus and am looking forward to the next book. Readers of books like Divergent, The Maze Runner and even Ender’s Game should enjoy The Immundus.”


Karen (Goodreads)