Books Plans

Posted on 03/01/18 in Writing

Now that The Immundus is officially launched and events are scheduled it’s time for me to set my plans for my next books for this year. My middle grade novel Macie and the Magi is currently in the hands of Kate Angelella who is documenting recommended developmental edits which I will then incorporate into my story and send to Julia Richardson for line editing.

Since I am in the process of writing book two of The Immundus, I am open to fan feedback on things you would like to see in book two. Send me a message on the Contact page. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the events page, since more events are continuously added. Most recently added was COS Reads, occurring May 9, at 6:30 at College of the Sequoias in the Ponderosa building. The details are currently being hashed out for an event at the John Steinbeck Library in Salinas.

Happy Reading!


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