Envisioning the Future

Posted on 12/23/17 in Writing

What will the world be like in 2828? I didn’t think about this in my first draft in 2013, I just wrote what came to mind, which were several things. One, was that animals would no longer exist in the future. Two, was that people would be embedded with microchips that perform various functions. Three, the air would be toxic, so the cities, known as genuses would have a protective shield that filtered the air and harnessed sunlight to power the entire genus. Four, the continents would change shape due to the land masses that were swallowed up by the melted polar caps and many portions of existing land would be destroyed due to the wars that occurred prior to my story (but that is a prequel for later). Five, money would not have a place in society as it does today. In the future I pictured, people do not work for money. Everyone contributes in society and is allotted the same number of credits, which are digital and managed by the microchips within the body.

To me, it wasn’t that farfetched that animals would become extinct, since I had read an article on that shared that over 99.9% of the animals that have existed are no longer in existence. It seems the ecosystem has managed to balance itself without those animals. So in the future I figured people will have incorporated technology to offset the loss of animal/insect/sea life in our ecosystem. What’s interesting to me is that as I was going through edits, I learned through a news source, whose name I don’t recall, that people were trying to remove animals from the endangered species lists so they can be hunted. In preparation for this blog I searched for the story again and found a similar story on National Geographic, which makes the future I created seem more real.  I found several websites, one of which was the US Fish and Wildlife Service that lists the endangered species and was amazed at the number of animals on the list.

It was a bit eerie to see things I wrote about in my story coming about. Three years, after I had envisioned my characters having microchips in their hands to open doors to buildings and cars, I saw this video about workers in Sweden who had microchips in their hand and how they used it to open doors. Talk about a Twilight Zone moment. Two years after I wrote about the protective shield that filters the air of the entire genus I saw this article about a large scale effort to clean the surrounding air of parks. Both of these realities bring us one step closer to the future I wrote.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, I wrote that the continents changed as a result of the polar ice caps melting and wars that ravaged the lands. Wars, well, what can I say, they are speckled throughout history. As for the continents changing shape, I had read several articles about the diminishing polar ice caps by the time I wrote the story. Here are some articles about the polar caps and sea level, if you are interested.

I imagined that currency as it exists today would be replaced by credits, nothing tangible. These credits would be automatically downloaded monthly into the microchips and exist in the digital or cyber world, never physically seen. I basically took the concept of the chips in credit cards and applied it to the chips in the hand to make purchases, but in my world credit does not equate to debt.


Well, now you have some insight into how I created my world. Here’s my first in a series of short book trailers.

Happy Watching!

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