Where to Find Beta Readers and Editors

Posted on 12/02/17 in Publishing, Writing

In a previous post I mentioned how I had an alpha reader, beta readers, and editors, so you might be wondering how in the heck I found those people. Well, the alpha reader was easy. Like Stephen King, I chose my spouse (Kevin). He has actually read my story more than once and knows how my story has changed over time. Choosing the beta readers took some extra work. I googled beta readers, searched for beta readers on Facebook, and sought out beta readers on Goodreads. And of course, I also asked friends and young adults if they would be willing to beta read my book. Not every beta reader received the entire manuscript, though. Some received chapters, while others received parts. The Immundus is broken into three parts:

Part One – In the beginning there was darkness

Part Two – And then there was light

Part Three – And the light was divided from the dark

So sometimes questions or comments I received in my feedback were covered in the sections or chapters the beta readers didn’t have. I had parceled out the portions because I was leery about sharing the entire manuscript with every one of my beta readers. However, since my experience with beta readers has been great this time around, I think all my beta readers in the future will get the entire manuscript.

I found my editors using a somewhat different approach. I searched out science fiction and fantasy magazines editors and publishing house editors. I then sent Twitter messages to these editors. Some did not freelance and referred me to other editors. The editors that were interested offered quotes. For those to whom I was referred I googled their names and checked LinkedIn to verify qualifications. But then something wonderful happened. I stumbled upon I don’t even remember how I found it. All I know is that it was a godsend. Reedsy is a website that connects writers and publishers with professionals in the publishing industry. But the site doesn’t just connect you with anyone. Everyone on the Reedsy website is vetted and Reedsy only allows those individuals “who have experience crafting books that land on the New York Times bestseller list” to grace their pages. This made it easier for me to search for an editor. Reedsy allowed me to review profiles of various editors and select five from whom I wanted quote requests. Part of the quote request required that I send a summary of the book and a sample from the book. This allowed the editors to determine if they were interested in editing my book. If they weren’t interested or couldn’t meet the deadline they declined my request for a quote, but of those who accepted and sent me quotes I was able to then choose with whom I wanted to work. Every editor I worked with who I found on Reedsy were absolutely wonderful and I learned much about writing from their edits and feedback. I would highly recommend them to any writer or publisher.

Happy searching!



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