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Posted on 01/16/18 in Writing

There are so many variations of games. From quidditch to hunger games, there really is no boundary for fun and competition, albeit sometimes ruthless. I knew I wanted the game in The Immundus to not only demonstrate a person’s physical capacity to perform feats, but a few mental intelligences that would provide more depth to my character’s way of thinking, right away. I don’t want to give the game away too much, so I won’t specify what participants were tested on, however, I will share that the game I created is Spero, which is basically an obstacle course within a maze.

There are two books that inspired the idea of Spero: Hunger Games and The Maze Runner. I enjoyed the internal dialogue of Katniss as she struggled through the game and of Thomas as he attempted to figure out the maze. In both character’s situations their lives were at risk. Based on the society I created it wouldn’t have made sense for the characters to risk their lives in Spero. So the game is really an opportunity to show the technology that exists and how Nia has nurtured her many intelligences that she uses throughout the book.

To learn more about Spero, read the excerpt of The Immundus.

Congratulations to the latest five winners of The Immundus who will get to read how Spero is used later in the book.

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