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Books Plans

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Now that The Immundus is officially launched and events are scheduled it’s time for me to set my plans for my next books for this year. My middle grade novel Macie and the Magi is currently in the hands of Kate Angelella who is documenting recommended …

Goals for 2018

Tagged: Book Fairs, Conferences, Fantasy, Goals, GoodReads, Goodreads Giveaway, Middle Grade, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult

I set goals for myself each year. Some might say I am a goal driven individual, because once a goal is met I move on to another goal. It’s hard for me to go through life without working toward something. I’m not one to be able to sit in front of the te …

The 12 Books of Christmas

Tagged: Books, Fantasy, Gift Giving, GoodReads, Goodreads Giveaway, Holiday Wish List, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Every year I set a goal for the number of books I’m going to read and I record my goal in Goodreads. This year I hope to meet my goal of twelve books. I’m planning to finish my eleventh book (The Kite Runner) this weekend so I can start my twelfth book …