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Goals for 2018

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I set goals for myself each year. Some might say I am a goal driven individual, because once a goal is met I move on to another goal. It’s hard for me to go through life without working toward something. I’m not one to be able to sit in front of the te …

Developing My Characters

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When I had people read the first few drafts of my book, the feedback I received was that I was really good at world building but needed to work on character development. My first thought was “What is character development?” and second “What is world bu …

The 12 Books of Christmas

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Every year I set a goal for the number of books I’m going to read and I record my goal in Goodreads. This year I hope to meet my goal of twelve books. I’m planning to finish my eleventh book (The Kite Runner) this weekend so I can start my twelfth book …